Community Guidelines

General Guidelines

At hot-s-hot, our goal is to provide a safe environment for people to meet new people in the field of dating, and thr Marketplace and Property area to offer articles. Members should follow our guidelines below at all times - in short, this means that you should respect other members of our community. hot-s-hot is a place where you can find friendly people and attractive articles, objects and offers.
If you don't follow the rules you will lose access to our website and apps.
• Be polite - don't share anything that might offend others
• Be authentic – don't pretend to be someone else and do not use content that you  do not have permission to share
• All content must comply with local laws and community standards are equivalent to
• Do not use the hot-s-hot-dating area to advertise products, services, Sell or  promote events or the like.
• Do not give out private information such as home address, passport or Copy of ID  card, bank information, etc. or do not request them.
• Don't beg for financial support or ask for “help”.
• Never send money to anyone for any reason.
• Do not upload photos of anyone under the age of 18, even if they are your  own child.
• Don't post political or religious messages, don't advertise in the field of dating for  anything and do not discuss the monarchy.

Profile Photo Guidelines

You can upload photos to your profile for yourself or the items you offer.
 These photos are in the public domain and must comply with the following rules:
• Photos may only be of yourself, respect the copyright rights!
• No persons under the age of 18 may be seen in the photos – even if they are
 your own child.
• Photos must clearly show your face / item being offered • Photos must not contain  any nudity or sexual acts (even implied).
• Photos must not have a political or religious character – for example Images of  Buddha or a political message or figure • Photos must not promote drug use or  violence
• Overly edited photos will be deleted
• Do not use photos that you do not have permission to use – for example a photo of  yourself but taken professionally by someone else who owns  the copyright and who has not given permission for reproduction on a website
• Photos must comply with local laws and cultural standards – if they are offensive,  they can be deleted or the profile blocked

Private Message Photo Guidelines

You can send photos to other users. Although these photos are private between  you and the recipient, they can be reviewed by human moderators and your account may be banned if you break the following rules:
• No imitation of other people
• You should have permission to share the photo
• Never send private information such as home address, passport or ID card copies  or other sensitive information
• Only send photos that the recipient is likely to want to receive.
• Sending explicit photos may result in your profile being banned, even if the photo  hasn't been reported
• It is not allowed to send only text photos - just send a message.
• Sending cat photos, food photos, landscape and holiday photos in a private  message is fine!

Messaging Policies

You can send messages to other users. Please follow the rules below:
• Be polite and friendly in your messages - that's the way it is.
 You are more likely to get an answer
• If someone stops responding to your messages, don't harass them with further  messages and do not create new accounts to send more messages
• Do not request personal information such as home address, more complete Name,  passport or ID card number, etc.
• Never ask for money, “help” or any kind of financial Support.

Profile Text Guidelines

Your profile is a great way to show your personality and a good profile will get way more messages than a boring or empty profile. Please be wary of the below rules

Comply with local laws and community standards
No political or religious messaging
No offensive or racist messages on profiles
Do not slander other users - your profile should only be about you
Do not share private or sensitive information on your profile
Do not ask for money or "help" or any kind of financial assistance