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Hello maksym4ik!
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Hello maksym4ik!

Visit the Account page and after confirming your password you can click either "Close account" or "Delete account"

Close account
Closing your account will make your profile seem like it has been deleted but retain all the information about the account so you can come back later and use it again. While your account is closed nobody can see your profile or reply to any messages you have sent. You are not visible in search and it is as if your account has been deleted.

Delete account
Deleting your account is permanent and it is not possible to restore a deleted account.

If you are having login problems please check the following:

** To use your phone number, username or FB account to

** Please make sure your password is the cOrReCt CaSe - DogBiscuits is not the same password as dogbiscuits

** Make sure your browser is not autocompleting an old or incorrect password

** Make sure you are logging in on the front page and not accidentally signing up for a new account

** Forgotton your password? You can reset it: following this link

If you have forgotton your password you can reset it: following this link. Please first try to reset the password for your username if you remember it as you may have used the email for other accounts previously.

If you have forgotton your username you can try to search your email for messages from ThaiFriendly. We put your username in every email we send. Also you can try a password reset using your email address.

After logging in you can go to the Account page by clicking the top right drop-down menu and clicking "Account".

After confirming your password you can confirm your email on that page and you should start receiving emails shortly after.

Hello maksym4ik!

You can confirm or update your email address by visiting our account page: Change email - also accessible by clicking "Account" in the top right drop down menu (click on your avatar)

You can block a user by visiting their profile page and clicking "Block user"

After blocking a user they will no longer see you in search and it will be as if your profile has been deleted. You will also not be able to see them in search or see any past communication or their profile details.

If you want to unblock a user you may visit the "Edit Profile" page and click on "Block list" and remove their name. You can also type their name in directly (eg. and there will be an option to unblock them from their profile page.

How to report a bad user

If a member is being more than just annoying such as threatening, or something that violates our site policies it is better to report them before you block them. You can click "Report profile" on their profile and a moderator will check them out. You may then block them afterwards.

Please check the following before uploading a photo or it may be deleted or unable to upload:

*** The photo contains your face clearly (food, animals, your nice condo, your anatomy, your hot ex girlfriend, some celebrity you think you look like, your bike etc are not allowed)

*** Please make sure the photo is of filetype JPEG or PNG

*** Please make sure the photo is big enough - at least 200x200 pixels wide/high

*** If the photo is too sexual it may be automatically deleted. If it is way too sexual your account may be permanently blocked

*** Please make sure the file is not bigger than 5mb

*** Photos with links to other sites / watermarks will be deleted

*** Free members may upload a maximum of 3 photos, premium members can upload up to 50 photos

*** No children should appear anywhere in the photo

You can upload photos on the Edit Profile page after logging in